laura lewis mantell, md

Imagine being able to close the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be, and achieve your important goals.

Whether related to leadership development, wellness or personal growth, my approach to coaching will support you, explore with you and challenge you to close that gap.

I chose to become a professional coach for the same reason I served as a medical doctor for decades: I came to understand the power that evidence-based coaching has to genuinely help people. Looking less to the past and what’s broken, coaching focuses to the present and the future and what’s right as a springboard for change.

There are all kinds of reasons why people can be held back from getting what they want. At the same time, most of us are also familiar with wanting something so badly we’ll go to great lengths to get it. That’s the feeling we’ll ignite.

To navigate the road to sustainable change effectively and efficiently, it’s helpful for most people to have a partner to facilitate and catalyze the process. Powerful coaching questions prompt self-awareness and insight as well as narrow the focus on what we want, highlight the resources that will help us get there and enable us to answer: “what will it take?”

My coaching is informed by the science of positive psychology. Emotion researchers have found that feeling good has a function way beyond, well, just feeling good. The sensation of happiness causes us to become better problem solvers, more curious, creative, resilient, motivated and more. We’ll take advantage of the benefits of positivity; in our sessions you can expect lightheartedness, humor and connection alongside the serious work of change.

This isn’t to say we’ll ignore the negative; negative emotions actually spur important analytical thinking and ground us in reality. In contrast, it turns out that positive emotions are a powerful tool to enable us to see the big picture. By leveraging what’s already working, we are best poised to take on the complex challenges of change.

This may come as a surprise; most of us believe that our weaknesses are where we’ll find our growth edge and many of us are unaware that we’re each packed with strengths, our personal and perhaps untapped resource, when planning for and sustaining meaningful change.

As a coach, I don’t function as your doctor but as your partner, trained to inspire and guide you. Coaching helps you spotlight what really matters to you right now, and holds you accountable to the vision and goals you create in order to achieve that.

To start, all you have to do is ask yourself: are you looking to really change? If so, we’ll work together on the rest.

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