About Me

During over 20 years practicing pain management as a physician, I greatly enjoyed and was gratified by playing a significant role in building up this underserved and critical area of medicine. I found many ways to contribute to the field; I created the first acute pain service in New York City, became an advocate for the ethical treatment of patients, contributed to the literature and trained medical practitioners in pain management.

When treating chronic pain patients my focus was on more than just pain reduction, but also on helping patients adapt their lifestyle in the face of tremendous challenge; to create the best possible life on their own terms.

Seeing firsthand how difficult change can be, itís long been of great importance to me to better understand what enables a person to actually make change.

Information and fear alone donít motivate change; I have seen far too many patients opt for unhealthy lifestyle choices when better choices would have significantly improved their health and even prolong their lives.

It turns out that an evidence-based coaching model, particularly when informed by the science of positive psychology, provides a rich and useful understanding of the significant ingredients needed for change. When I discovered this, I began training, and am now certified as a professional coach. My particular interest in positive psychology informs my coaching practice and I am a certified positive psychology coach.

I have always operated from an evidence-based foundation; itís the way I practiced medicine and the way I practice coaching. So I stay current with the leading journals and latest research, and the assessments I use are scientifically validated. To stay at cutting edge research and practice, I train with leaders in my field on an ongoing basis.

Change is my business. My coaching experience encompasses executive, or leadership coaching, as well as wellness and personal coaching. Whether youíre a high performance leader or someone looking to take greater ownership of your own life or health, by working with me, you will experience fresh, dynamic, practical ideas and new, innovative interventions designed to help you achieve the change you want.

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