laura lewis mantell, md

More and more, research and science confirm that our lifestyle choices determine our health more than our genes do. Even our longevity is more related to how we live than how long our parents did. Our genes are analogous to a deck of cards but our lifestyle is how we play them.

Excitingly, this means that we each have the power within ourselves to achieve a much more vibrant state of wellbeing.

This stunning scientific revelation is calling for a sea change in how we approach our personal health. Itís no longer about someone else making us better; itís about taking ownership of our health through positive lifestyle change.

But change is hard. So how do we do it?

I am a physician who trained to become a professional coach because I wanted the skills to help people make healthy lifestyle change. As doctors, we are trained to tell people what is good for them but not taught how to help them effect the changes they would benefit from.

Whether you want to change your relationship to food or physical activity, create a better work-life balance or increase your awareness of the mind-body connection, Iím trained to guide and inspire you. Youíll experience an increase in your motivation, confidence, hope and determination as we leverage your existing strengths to help you succeed.

Coaching helps us focus on what really matters to us right now, and holds us accountable to the goals we set. My coaching approach embraces the science of positive psychology, so our work together emphasizes and builds on whatís already working for you rather than whatís broken. Not that weíll ignore problems, but weíll look at them through a solutions-focused lens.

As you redesign your lifestyle to develop lasting habits that add healthy years to your life and enhance the quality of each day, the healthiest lifestyle choices can become second nature, and greater happiness, a natural consequence.

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